TI & C128 stuff

Funnelweb & nanoPEB

Click here to get a Funnelweb patched for use with nanoPEB. I am loading it using Extended Basic because I can't find an Editor Assembler Cartridge. It seems pretty stable at least in DISKREVIEW. There are still problems loading some assembly programs intended for Editor Assembler. I am unable to load CF2K v1 or v2. Update: After more testing, I have found that CFMGR, DSKU, and DR are stable and robust enough to fulfil all my TI disk management needs.
How to apply Insane Multitasker's patch:

In a MESS141-emulated TI with Ext Basic RPK inserted, I used Funnelweb's own HEX editing ability in the Inspect menu to:
In files FW, LOAD, and UTIL1:

1. Find "1afb 0220 0010" and replace with "1afb 0220 0018"
2. Find "fa94 0220 fdea" and replace with "fa94 0220 fde2"
3. Find "0580 8800 fa94" and replace with "0580 0280 3ff8"

Make sure "word aligned?" is set to N or you won't find them in LOAD.
There was only one instance of each string in each file.

Then, in file DU:
1. replace "0281 83C6" with "0281 8348"

Wedges C64/C128

If you have uIEC/SD or other mass storage device, but no jiffydos, the DOS wedge can save typing and OPENblah,blah,blah hassles. For the C64, put DOS5.1 in the root directory and LOAD C-64 Wedge. Both are included on the 1541 demo disk. Don't forget to change the device # in "C-64 Wedge" if you are not using 8.

For the C128, there is also a wedge but the syntax is slightly different:
$       directory
@       send command to drive
_       save file
!       turn off wedge
%       load ml file
/       load basic prg
^       load & run basic prg
sys6656 reload wedge

Both wedges can be loaded using the BASIC programs: "C-64 WEDGE" and "LD128WEDGE" included on this disk image.
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